What is GPRS?

GPRS is a General Packet Radio Service in GSM networks. The main peculiarity about GPRS is the information (received/sent) division into small data packets and its further simultaneous transmission via several communication channels. At the same time voice channel is busy only during data transmission and not constant as it is required by other forms of network access.





Can I use a GPRS�modem on desktop PC?

是的你可以。为此,您应该使用特殊的GPRS -MODEM驱动程序设置新调制解调器。通常,必要的软件与手机一起使用的磁盘上。如果没有此类磁盘,您可以在Internet上找到必要的软件。

Then you should adjust the modem settings and that's it!

What is the data transmission speed via GPRS connection?

Today the GPRS�technology provides the speed which is 4 times higher than the standard GSM�network speed, which can be compared to a good modem connection. The connection speed depends on simultaneous users number, GPRS�supporting handset class, quality of connection and cell capacity. Such technical facilities of networks allow establishing the communication speed up to 50 kBits per second.

Can I talk on my mobile phone when connected to GPRS?


GPRS -modems -a,b,C。

Usually, the GPRS�modems belong to the C�class. These modems are not designed for talking, they are used only for data transmission. Mostly these are PC�GPRS cards for notebooks.

B�class is the handsets that can be used both as usual phones and GPRS�modems. Presently, all the phones available belong to the B�class. That is you can transfer/receive data and talk in turn.


Can I receive/send SMS when connected to GPRS?

是的你可以。The situation is similar to the one with calls receiving. As soon as there is a pause in data receiving/transfer you get SMS. At the same time there will be no disconnection, the connection will be interrupted just for a few seconds.


The advantage is that when you connected to GPRS you pay only for the information sent/received. With Dial�up connection you pay for the whole connection time.

Can I use GPRS driving in a car, for example?


It should be noted that there may be some troubles when moving between the base stations as you can get into an overloaded cell and, as a result, the GPRS connection denial.


重点是语音流量。一个细胞应该机汇吗erloaded by users, the equipment will automatically limit the GPRS�access. As soon as the users number in one cell decreases the equipment will be automatically re�set to provide the full range of GSM�services.



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