eNBioAccess-T5 Centralized Biometric Access control on IP technology

Multifactor authentication Built in camera Access Control & time attendance system Visitor Management Built in Battery & POE usb slot to download data.

eNBioAccess-T5is a Real time Multi-processing functionality Faster fingerprints authenticationTime attendance + access control systemcapable of speedy authentication with LFD function (Live Finger Detection) and supports. It offers you enterprise level of Entry and Time Attendance management with its built-in caera takes picture for every transaction with storage in server. POE LAN communication-based network infrastructure enabling integrated monitoring and systematic management of multiple terminals operated independently on a remote location. Inbuilt rely & power forelectromagnetic locks


  • 4.3" TFT LCD, Touch Screen
    - Fingerprint Image Quality Check
    - Notice/Status bar
    -Wallpaper with company logo
  • Superior Matching Engine
    - 1st rank in FVC(Fingerprint Verification Competition)
  • Auto-on Function & Live Finger Detection
  • Built-in Camera
    -Takes picture for every transaction with storage in server
  • USB Memory Slot
    - Easy data transfer using USB memory stick
  • Function Key
    - User-defined functions (F1~F4)
    - Clock In/Clock Out/Absence/Return
  • 多因素身份验证
    - Fingerprint, RF card, Password
  • Multi Language support with Audio-visual indications
  • Built-in battery & PoE (Optional)
  • Centralized Biometric Access control on IP technology
  • Multi-processing functionality
    - Normal authentication process under progress at background of terminal
Item 规格
CPU S3C6410 (ARM11 667MHz)
记忆 256MB DRAM / 256MB Flash
展示 4.3" TFT LCD / Touch Screen
传感器 Optical / 500 DPI
1:1 Time < 0.2 sec.
1:N Time < 1 sec.(4,000 templates)
Template Capacity 100,000 templates (2templates/1finger)
Log Capacity 500,000 logs
沟通 TCP/IP, Wiegand In/Out(26/34bit)
Lock Deadbolt, EM Lock, Door Strike, Automatic Door
Environment -20~60 C / < RH 90%
证书 KC, CE, FCC
Size (mm) 192 x 156 x 55 (W x H x D)

Model Name



Standard(Fingerprint, Password)
SW300-M Standard, High Frequency Card (13.56MHz)- Mifare, iClass, Felica, Cepas


Standard, Low Frequency Card (125kHz) - HID, EM


PoE, Standard(Fingerprint, Password)
SW301-M PoE Standard High Frequency Card (13.56MHz) Mifare iClass Felica Cepas


PoE, Standard, Low Frequency Card (125kHz) - HID, EM

Time and Attendance Solutions

Attendance Enterprise is a full-featured time and attendance system that improves employee time tracking, scheduling and reporting.

  • Stay informed with real-time dashboards of essential labor information
  • 识别考勤异常,如迟到nd absenteeism and take action quickly
  • Eliminate unapproved overtime
  • Automate time off requests and approvals
  • Correct and approve employee time cards quickly
  • Address unresolved absences by re-categorizing when proper documentation is provided
  • Empower employees and minimize inquiries to HR for attendance and benefit information
  • Reduce redundancy by entering information only once
  • Cut payroll costs by automating complex payroll policies
  • Simplify regulatory compliance and wage audits
  • Improve management and employee communication

::System Structure

System Configuration of eNBioAccess T5

Item 产品规格


Access Server/Remote Manager/Remote Monitor

# of accessible terminals

ACM Pro. 最大限度。2,000 terminals
ACM v2.57x 最大限度。255 terminals (available soon )

# of accessible remote client PCs

8 clients

Supportable OS

above Windows 2000

# of users enrolled

ACM Pro. 100,000 users (SQL/SQL Express)
ACM v2.57x 10,000 users (MDB/SQL) (available soon)

Architecture of Access Control System


Electromagnetic and Electro Strike Locks Installation instruction

1. Which lock can be use for external doors?

2. Which lock can be use on aluminum doors?
3。Which lock can be use on wooden door?
4. Which lock can be use on glass door?
5. Which lock can be use for emergency exit doors?

::Order InformationIndia-国际的

Order By E-mail

for orders e-mail:sales@ravirajtech.com

学科:Fingkey Access Plus order

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Nitgen enBioAccess T5

Nitgen enBioAccess T5

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